About Us

About Us

We all know money doesn’t grow on trees. While we work hard for what we have, we can hardly help extending help to others along the way—whether they act independently or as part of a larger whole. But helping doesn’t necessitate martyrdom, and as mercy goes hand in hand with justice, there comes a point where to get what one is due, one could use a little help.

At Debt Collection Guru, we understand the difficulties of what seems to be a very simple action, which is simply asking for the return of what has been borrowed. In Singapore, this involves familiarisation with the debtor’s assets, and choosing the best path to pursue according to the size of the debt owed, and whether the debtor is an individual or a group or corporation.

Debts no bigger than SGD10,000, for instance, are matters for the Small Claims Tribunal, while larger debts involve civil litigation. Of course, legal proceedings may not always be the best course, such as in cases when the debtor is in financial straits.

It is precisely when the simple ceases to be simple that DC Guru can help you. Our very own team of experienced, professional legal experts will find the best possible way to assist clients through the debt collection process, and see that they recover their debts.

Because at DC Guru, all we want is to achieve two, very simple goals: the joy of collecting what we are owed, and seeing that justice is done. Get in touch with us and let us help you today.